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How to get duplicate GST registration certificate?
0 Reply's, Recent Post by Ragini Mandal on 1/28/2019 11:39:00 AM

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Ragini Mandal
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How to get duplicate GST registration certificate?
1/28/2019 11:39:00 AM

My GST registration certificates have lost at 2 weeks before. I have compliant with the authorized person in online. I need the corticated for applying new loan for expanding the business sources. My customers are needed to get the product with more types. So i want to make some changes in my business sources. I want that certificate for given proof of getting loan. How can i get that in online? I have make GST registration at online. I am getting my login details for finding the payments. it is very simple and easy to access my account.

My sister is also doing the same business. I have sale some of products in online. More people are like to get my products. My father is also helping me to manage each and every step for applying in that. I am choosing the best plan for GST registration. I have read all types of documents and related proofs in online. Some of information is very important for business. And i have shared that information to my sister also. She is getting effective and powerful talent with submitting their records and correct manner. I need you guidance for download the duplicate copy of my registration certificate.

I am ready to follow the rules and procedure for getting that. So please tell me the details and supply the essential matters here. All types of reviews and GST related pages are added with the online. More people are used that documents and make GST return filing as success. I have called my friend for help to collect the certificate from office. But he is also no able to know about that issue for managing. I need to develop my knowledge and skill about GST rating. It is available in more online website for explaining. But I need exact answer to me

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